Tuesday, 28 October 2014

017 - adidas SPEZIAL - Manchester

Visited the adidas SPEZIAL exhibition in Manchester over the weekend. Housing 650 pairs of rare, vintage, deadstock, re-issues and collaboration styles from the personal collections of numerous adidas collectors. It was a rare chance to literally walk through the adidas archives and experience adidas history first-hand.

 Here are a few shots from the event.
   photo DSCF9938_zpsc7f56fce.jpg photo DSCF9934_zpse9c6ff83.jpg  photo DSCF9931_zpsce69bd88.jpg  photo DSCF9929_zps0441c8d5.jpg  photo DSCF9927_zps946ea4b9.jpg  photo DSCF9926_zps78031ded.jpg  photo DSCF9925_zps87574dde.jpg  photo DSCF9877_zps8fd32d3a.jpg  photo DSCF9880_zps1ccf5e72.jpg  photo DSCF9882_zps61f0c9c8.jpg  photo DSCF9883_zps1d3a666e.jpg  photo DSCF9886_zpsbf38b385.jpg  photo DSCF9887_zps2a7bc2c6.jpg  photo DSCF9894_zps410cc18a.jpg  photo DSCF9896_zps13a1a76e.jpg  photo DSCF9898_zps2a36afad.jpg  photo DSCF9899_zps2df0b95a.jpg  photo DSCF9904_zps2449605f.jpg  photo DSCF9908_zpsa97f5fff.jpg  photo DSCF9911_zpsd92901ec.jpg  photo DSCF9913_zps748850c6.jpg  photo DSCF9914_zpsf82975d1.jpg  photo DSCF9915_zps8f57ac9e.jpg  photo DSCF9917_zps5bed0be8.jpg  photo DSCF9919_zps34272437.jpg  photo DSCF9922_zps547ed389.jpg